Sun in Neiden 2


Bernhard is now on his way way to Sirbma on 11th place. The 12 dogs are doing well.

So far, only two dogs have left the team: Irene was a little sore and ran until Neiden 1. Ellentjern was Lilly’s last checkpoint due to her lack of training. But as always, she was in a very good mood when Carola picked her up.

Femundløpet is starting as planned


The area around Røros has received enough snow so the race starts on the planned date. There might only be some changes concerning the routes of the trail.

All the dogs are perfoming well so far. Lilly won’t be on the team for Femundløpet. Due to a Pyometra, she had to undergo surgery on Friday but is recovering well and might be back for Finnmarksløpet!